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Certified translations in all combinations of Asian and European languages. Linearis offers website translation services in more than 100 languages!

Mājas lapu tulkošana

We offer a special service: linking your website to our server and doing the translation online.

Sinhronā tulkošana

Our experienced translators start work. When the translation is proofread, the target text is automatically uploaded to the appropriate areas of your website.

  • Setting the language

    You set the target languages.

  • Linking to the server

    Your website is linked to our server, which receives the source text.

  • Commencing translation

    Experienced translators begin the translation; the proofread translation is automatically uploaded to the appropriate section of your website.

  • Multi-language websites

    Your website is translated and functions successfully in several languages.

Website translation online

In the twenty-first century, the Internet is available across the globe; therefore, your website visitors can be from various countries and speak different languages. Therefore, it is important to provide information in several languages.

We offer a very simple and convenient way of performing translation – by doing it online. Your website is linked to our server, and the finalised translations are automatically uploaded to the appropriate areas of your website. You don’t need to worry about text formatting, forwarding countless files and copying text – that’s all taken care of by our special service.

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