Understand China well before you enter!

Though entering the Chinese market is still not easy, thanks to multiple institutions and companies that have been established over the past few years, it has become significantly easier. However, not everyone abroad is aware of where to find help. Of the thousands of SMEs looking to tap the Chinese market, only 27 percent are aware that support services like the EU SME Centre exist, while only 7 percent have actually used these services.
One of the recent practical seminars organized by the EU SME Centre concerning the Food and Beverage industry in China, which took place from 6 – 10 November in Beijing.

During the five-day seminar, experts from various industries shared insights on the Chinese food and beverage industry. Rafael Jimenez Buendia from the EU SME Centre gave tips for selling food and beverage products in Mainland China and emphasized the importance of knowing import regulations, as well as picking the right entry model, which for each entrant will depend on strategy, sales channels, budget, expectations, competition, and consumers.

Miriam Baumgart from ECOVIS Beijing focused on the legal aspects of import procedures and barriers, as well as provided a good overview of market entry and distribution.

Last but not least, the third seminar was given by Bjørn Hembre, the General Manager and Founder of Branditat. His experience and passion for digital marketing in China enabled him to share insights on the unique Chinese digital environment. He also offered tips on targeting and reaching out to the right audience by creating the most suitable marketing strategy.

Each day concluded with a case study on various F&B businesses and shared practical experiences from the Chinese F&B industry.

Linearis Translations provided translation services throughout the event to assure that all delegates got the most out of the conference and nothing was lost in translation.

Here are a few options for finding help when entering China:

EU SME Centre is a European Union initiative that provides a comprehensive range of hands-on support services to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), getting them ready to do business in China.

ECOVIS Beijing is a tax and legal firm that offers assistance with business set-up, accounting, tax, auditing and legal advisory in China.

Branditat is an agency that helps companies and organizations navigate the cultural contexts, optimizing their brand by designing future-proof products and strategies.

Linearis Translations provides professional translation, interpreting and localization services, including trademark translation and registration in China.