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    At the discretion of the client, confidential documents are received electronically as encoded text or in a printed format in a sealed envelope with a note stating the required target language(-s).


    Linearis translators follow the procedure for processing particularly sensitive materials and start translating the received documents using Linearis special computer system.


    The client receives the translated files in the agreed format (printed or electronically encoded). The correctness of the translation is confirmed with Linearis translator and manager’s signatures.


    If necessary, the notarial certification of translations is also possible, which is ensured in cooperation with the sworn notaries of the Republic of Latvia.

To receive an offer and find out the precise costs of services related to the translation of confidential documents, contact us by filling in a contact form available on our website. Enter all the required information and we will get in touch with you to suggest the most beneficial and best offer!

Dokumentu tulkošana

Translation of Documents

Translation agency Linearis works in line with strict principles of confidentiality that meet the Information Security Management System Standard LVS ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The process of submission and delivery of documents is strictly defined and controlled by translation agency Linearis to avoid the disclosure of these documents or information therein to third persons.

Within the standard, translation agency Linearis has introduced a special procedure for processing orders for documents and materials you regard as particularly sensitive. Such translations are performed inside Linearis office using special computer systems that do not allow the translated documents to be copied or reproduced and provide additional security features.

The translation of documents is a particularly responsible process that can be entrusted to professionals only. Translation agency Linearis has proved its competence and ability to provide qualitative and reliable services related to the translation of confidential documents for several years now, cooperating with the leading enterprises of different industries both in Latvia and abroad.

The strengths of translation agency Linearis include long-term experience and a close-knit team created by selecting the best specialists of the sector, as well as regularly training current employees and improving their knowledge. A competent and responsible team is one of crucial conditions to be able to ensure the safe and precise translation of confidential documents in line with the obtained Information Security Management Standard.

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