Jurists ABC

The translation agency Linearis has been our partner already for several years. We are very satisfied with the quality of provided services, as well as with translation delivery deadlines and the excellent customer service.


Linearis Translations provides written translations of our technical documents and agreements. We are highly satisfied with the quality of translations and the speedy communication and work of their employees, who are always doing their best to submit the translations on the agreed time.

Golin Riga

The strong points of Linearis are communication culture, speed and quality. As life in GOLIN Riga communications agency can get pretty hectic, it is important for us to be able to rely on the provided service. Throughout the years, Linearis has proven to be one of the best translation service providers in Latvia.

Digital Sense

Having gone a long way in search for the right translator, we have finally found Linearis Translations! We are extremely grateful for the quality and fast translations


For several years now, Linearis has provided interpreting services in our conferences. We find Linearis employees easy to work with and the services provided by the company have always been top quality.

Rovico Latvia

The cooperation with Linearis reaffirmed that Latvia has companies which can provide fast, precise and high-quality translations and adapt to the client’s needs. The key thing for Rovico Latvia is for translations to be done as soon as possible because often we face situations where solution is needed at that very moment. Linearis does an amazing job in dealing with situations like these.

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