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Sinhronā tulkošana
The most popular method of interpreting is simultaneous interpreting – when the interpreter listens to the speaker and simultaneously translates the message into the target language.
Mutiskā tulkošana
Usually, speakers prepare for an event by making a presentation or writing a speech. If possible, we recommend handing these materials to the interpreter in good time. This allows the interpreter to become familiar with high quality performance.
Sinhronā tulkošana
If the speech is translated beforehand, the interpreter can use it as an aid.

    You tell us the source and target languages and describe the topic and essence of the event.


    Technical equipment, such as headsets, microphones, etc., are provided.


    The most suitable interpreters are selected: those who are experienced and educated in the particular topic.

Simultaneous interpreting: the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker. This form of interpreting is usually chosen for large conferences. This service is comparatively complicated, as special equipment is needed and the interpreting is done by two professionals in turn (usually swapping every 15 or 20 minutes).

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