Representing Baltic FMCG companies in Anufood Expo 2017 (China)

In the past few years, China’s economy has been expanding at a rapid pace, having a huge impact on the Chinese society itself. Following this general trend, the food and beverage market in China has also experienced a significant grow the past few years. After several incidents of safety issues of Chinese-produced food and beverages, and supported by the income increase of the population in first and second-tier cities, Chinese consumers turn to imported products for their quality, uniqueness and safety. A 2016 study suggests that 86 % of Chinese customers consider food safety when buying food, while 52 % say they would give top consideration to food safety when buying food.

That, of course, is a great opportunity for European, and especially, Baltic products, which are praised by Chinese consumers for their exquisite taste and health benefits. This is the reason why Linearis subsidiary Linearis IBC participated in Beijing’s Anufood Expo 2017, one of the biggest of its kind in Mainland China. In the exhibition, Linearis represented Lithuanian and Latvian food and beverage companies, and assisted in finding suitable importers and distributers. The companies represented were:

As Linearis Country Manager in China Agnese Sturmane admits, during the three-day event, a lot of importers, distributers and retailers approached us asking about the products, and showed genuine interest about Baltic products. It is needless to say that even though most importers have a lot of experience with European products, they can’t communicate in any language other than Mandarin Chinese. The need for communication was cared for by our Beijing team, as all staff present at our collective booth are fluent in Chinese, have knowledge on the products demonstrated and are familiar with China’s import process and legislation. All in all, the exhibition was a success, leading to numerous products finding a way into the Chinese food and beverage market.

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