Quality, speed and good prices — key for Linearis success

An interview with Linearis Translations COO Nadežda Pētersone is published on latviesi.com portal. Latviesi.com is the most influential internet media for Latvian expats. We give you an insight in the interview by publishing its translation.


Which are the most common situations when our citizens residing outside Latvia use the services provided by Linearis?

Mostly our citizens residing outside Latvia need translations of documents — marriage or birth certificates as well as educational documents. There are two distinct things about these kinds of translations: first, they are needed fast because often people’s visits to their home country are short and they have limited time to deal with all the formalities. Second, there is mostly need for notary certified translations in order to use them for submission to the national authorities. Taking into consideration the needs of our clients, we are trying to prepare these documents in the shortest possible time, usually in one or two working days, but, of course, it depends on the size of the documents.

A considerable part of our work makes up various translations for business needs — finance, legal, marketing, technical, medical and other document translations. For each field that we offer our translation services, we choose translators, proofreaders and editors who are native speakers of the respective language and experts of the field.

There are many companies that offer translation services. How do we choose the right one for our translations?

I would suggest choosing a translation service provider who can ensure high quality translation delivered on time and for a reasonable price.

If you choose to cooperate with Linearis Translations, we can promise you that all these criteria will be met. We work in accordance with EN 15038 and ISO 9001 standards. They stipulate that we can entrust translation tasks only to those translators who have the appropriate experience and education. Our quality management requirements also set out that prior cooperation all translators must be tested in the relevant fields and languages they apply for. Linearis Translations guarantees the confidentiality of translation materials and translations in accordance with ISO 27001. As regards translation deadlines, we work for our clients; we always try to meet their needs and even in non-standard situations we are able to find solutions.

What brings the greatest satisfaction in your job?

The greatest satisfaction brings happy and satisfied clients who after using our services recommend us to their friends, relatives and cooperation partners. Recently, when sending requests for translations many new potential clients mention who recommended to contact us. I feel satisfaction when I see that our services have helped clients to improve something in their lives. For example, when our translations of marketing materials for different businesses have helped Latvian exporters to attract new clients in other countries. The same I feel when we can send back the finished translation to the client sooner than we promised. Dealing with different non-standard situations is also exciting. For example, currently Linearis affiliate in Beijing has started cooperation with the Embassy of Uganda in China. I am pleased to see that in a short time we can provide translators in such language combinations that are rarely available in the Baltic region. In all these cases, of course, I want to say a big thank you to all of my colleagues — without an excellent team these achievements would not have been possible!


Original text of the interview: https://www.latviesi.com/raksti/116876-tulkosanas-birojs-linearis-uzticams-un-dross-tulkojumu-veicejs