Participation at China International (Guangzhou) Fishery & Seafood Expo

On 25-27 August, China International Fishery & Seafood Expo took place in Guangzhou, China. This is the most important exhibition in the region which is aimed at specialists representing food processing, aquaculture, fishery, storage and transportation fields. This annual exhibition traditionally brings together leading entrepreneurs of related fields not only from China, but also from around the globe.

We are proud to say that this year Baltic entrepreneurs also had a stand in the exhibition represented by the Latvian National Fisheries Producers’ Organisation (NFPO). As indicated by Viesturs Ūlis, Project Manager of the Organisation, this was one of the first exhibitions in China for which NFPO ensured the participation of its own members, i.e., fishing companies. The aim of the participation was to network with local businesses that would allow Latvian fishing companies to directly launch their products in international markets without any intermediaries. Currently, the most important task is to address the transport issue in product delivery process because, considering the great distance, the fishermen would have to think of how to optimise transport costs by facilitating freight flow in both directions. Another issue to be solved is the provision of necessary product amount throughout the year. We are thankful to Linearis for providing Chinese interpreter. The majority of Chinese interested in our products do not speak English. The interpreter not only interpreted the conversation, but also talked about fishery products and explained processes related to product processing. In the future, NFPO plans to participate in similar exhibitions where they will definitely choose Linearis to provide interpreting services.

NFPO was established in 2004 and its goal is to improve conditions in fish trade for its members and stabilise prices, improve offer concentration, develop catch plan and programmes. The Organisation helps its members in modernising their equipment and improving their operation as well as controls the fishing operations carried out by the Organisation’s members, regulates their catch quote and implements other measures that are important for fishermen. Linearis with two offices in China not only provides excellent translations, but also has helped the Baltic companies to enter the Chinese market for over 6 years.