Linearis Supports Creative Thinking at Schools

Being a socially responsible company, Linearis has always been delighted about the opportunity to help people and organisations that have invested great effort in the success of Latvia.

Therefore on Wednesday, 3 August 2016, Linearis Head of Marketing & Sales Kārlis Ozols visited the camp of association “Radošuma pils” to inform its work group about the unique experience of Linearis in the field of sales and customer service; this experience has enabled Linearis to become the leading translation agency in the Baltic States. Kārlis offered a general insight into a successful sales process, customer service and also marketing activities. We are wishing further success to the association “Radošuma pils” and we hope that the gained knowledge will be useful in promoting creative thinking at the education establishments in Latvia.

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Latest events in which Linearis took part

ELIA Networking Days in Mallorca

1In April we attended ELIA Networking Days. This year the event was held in Mallorca, Spain, and this is the first event intended for the executives and owners of translation agencies. The executives of about 90 translation agencies representing various countries, including Argentina, China, Seychelles, Australia, India, and many other countries, took part in ELIA ND. Read more

Nameja Balva 2015

logoFor the ninth year in a row Latvian Embassy held the yearly Nameja Balva 2015 awards. The awards are organized by Latvian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania together with Latvian embassy in Lithuania and LIAA (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia) representation in Lithuania. The purpose of the event which has now become a tradition is to award the best companies and promote cooperation between Latvian and Lithuanian companies.
This year the traditional event attracted 10 Latvian and 13 Lithuanian companies which competed in the following categories: “The largest increase in exports to Lithuania in 2014”, “The biggest taxpayer to Lithuanian budget in 2014”, “The best employer”, “The most socially responsible company” and “The best partner – Lithuanian company”.
In the official ceremony the Nameja Balva 2015 awards were presented to Lithuanian and Latvian business representatives by Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma. The Prime Minister congratulated the neighbouring countries on their sustainable cooperation and welcomed Latvian exports to Lithuania which have increased by 12 percent over the last year.
We want to celebrate the fact that SIA Linearis Translations was for the first time nominated and won in the category “The largest increase in exports to Lithuania in 2014”. The award – a silver Nameisis ring – was accepted from the Prime Minister by our Lithuanian representative Ieva Šestakauskaitė.


Linearis Translations Takes Part in ELIA Networking Days in Poland

In early October, Linearis Translations’ representative travelled to Krakow, Poland, to take part in Networking Days organised by ELIA (European Language Industry Association). 2015 is a special year for ELIA as it is the year of its tenth anniversary, which was celebrated on a grand scale during its spring conference in France (Lion). This event was visited by Nadežda Pētersone, Linearis Translations COO and you can read about the impressions from the conference in France here: Justīne Skuja, Linearis Translations Global Account Manager, in turn, will share her impressions of the autumn conference in Poland.

The very first chance to meet and get to know ELIA visitors appeared already one day before the official opening of the conference — at a cocktail bar in the centre of Krakow, while listening to live music. As it is known, ELIA Networking Days are visited by guests from all around the world; this time, European countries were not the only ones represented either. Several conference participants travelled a long way from countries such as India, Egypt and USA, spending up to 28 hours to get to the event! Therefore, a chance to enjoy the positive motives of the local “Krakow Street Band” was a pleasant relaxation after a long way.

The first impressions from meeting conference participants were quite puzzling, as they discussed their children growing up, how the wife/husband was doing, how was the vacation spent in Greece, etc. At that moment, it was concluded that over this decade, the majority of ELIA participants had become not only successful and long-term cooperation partners, but also close friends. It is positive that ELIA participants accept new conference participants with open arms.

During both conference days, October 1 and 2, many topical themes such as the quality of translation from the point of view of the client were discussed. It was also discussed whether other industries’ working models can help translation agencies to improve their services. It was concluded that translation business must always take into account the human factor. Although many people tend to ask the question “Will there be a moment in the age of modern technologies when machine translation will replace a human?”, the answer is definitely “NO”! Do clothes crawl to the washing machine themselves? NO! Once we used to use a wash-board to wash our clothes by hand and translators used to be buried under the piles of books in their everyday work, whereas now we are assisted by technologies in both our daily works and translation sector. However, a person will not disappear — it is the proportion of the work done by a translator and a CAT tool that changes.

Speaking of this theme, a special session at Krakow conference was devoted to the most popular modern CAT tools — ELIA visitors had an opportunity to see in person a tense battle between six CAT tools. Linearis Translations as a growing company attributes importance to following the latest studies in this field in order to optimise translation work and be able to provide its clients the most beneficial offers, accumulating translation memories.

However, the brightest impression was left by the presentation of keynote speakers on the first day of the conference, which were devoted to discussing how every translation agency can stand out among its competitors in the sector, in which it is no longer enough to offer good price, high quality and fast service. Currently, the key words in translation business are “experience story”. Linearis Translations can be proud of its story about how a translation agency from Latvia went to the world and beat the Chinese dragon! You can read about the first impression from doing business in China here:

ELIA event ended in “Wieliczka” Salt Mine during a luxurious dinner with wonderful people at a depth of 130 m. Many thanks to ELIA organisers and supporters for their contribution to organising the conference. It was another excellent opportunity to open new doors for cooperation with other translation agencies, to present Linearis Translations’ story and, most importantly, to get inspired! See you in Mallorca, ELIA members!

Justīne Skuja
Linearis Translations Global Account Manager

ELIA Krakow photo