Linearis Opens Its Second Office in China

At the beginning of May, Linearis opened its second office in China. From now on, in addition to the office in Beijing, where Linearis has been operating since 2011, the company will be also represented in the port city of Ningbo. This office will accommodate two Linearis Group companies: translation agency “Linearis Translations” and export promotion company “Linearis IBC”.

As noted by the owner of Linearis Voldemārs Brēdiķis, the company has been long searching for possibilities to expand its presence in China, as the demand for translations into Chinese in Europe and for translations into European languages in China has significantly increased due to the influence of dominating trends in the global economy. The choice was made in favour of Ningbo based on strategic assumptions regarding its active business environment, which is rather often used by European companies as a kick-off point for entering the Chinese market. Opening of the office in Ningbo became possible thanks to the support provided by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

Ningbo is a city with a long history, which gained particular significance in the history of economic development of both China and the world at the beginning of our era as one of the trade and port cities of the Silk Road. Currently, Ningbo municipality is carrying out targeted activities to strengthen cooperation with member countries of the Initiative of Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (16+1). Ningbo has become the cooperation centre for “16+1” countries, where the annual CEEC Investment and Trade Expo is organised. Naturally, the company to provide translation services during this important event is Linearis.

Within the “16+1” cooperation format and with support from the city of Ningbo, a business centre was opened in the centre of the city, accommodating representative offices of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and now also Linearis.

Linearis Translations is the leading translation agency in the Baltic States, which has been providing certified translation services in all Asian and European languages for over 14 years. Linearis has offices in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and China. Linearis IBC is a Linearis Group company which provides smart solutions for international business management, focusing on the specific nature of Baltic and Chinese business and providing services related to promotion of export and attraction of partners and investment. Baltic companies often choose Linearis IBC as their strategic partner which facilitates and accelerates the process of entering the Chinese market.

Linearis Translations

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In translation business since 2003, Linearis Translations has proved its ability to provide high quality translation services and to meet more than just the industry’s basic demands and desires. Over the years, Linearis Translations has accumulated knowledge, professionalism and experience that guarantee the quality of our orders and their delivery in due time in accordance with the acquired  ISO certificates.

Linearis Translations has offices in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and China, 

which helps to ensure the availability of translators and interpreters. By operating at local and international level, we are able to provide translations in all European and Asian language pairs.

Linearis Translations offers the widest selection of translation services.

We offer translation and interpreting services, localisation and transcription, text editing, layout design.

Through a long-term cooperation with companies representing different industries 

Linearis Translations has gained unique experience in translating highly specific texts. Our translators specialise in specific industries, know their terminology, thus, they are able to transfer the technical as well as emotional nuances from the original texts to the translations. In accordance with the requirements of quality standards, prior the collaboration translators and interpreters must pass a qualification test.

How to do business in China?

You have two great opportunities to meet Linearis Translations Project manager in China Agnese Stūrmane while she is in Latvia. Over the last seven years she has seen and experienced rapid change in society and business environment and will share her knowledge and experience of life in China.

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14th of March @Jelgava, Hotel “Zemgale”

15th of March @TechHub Riga

Agnese Stūrmane is a young and dynamic individual, who has gained international experience during her studies and career in Latvia, the USA, Germany, China and India. Since 2009, she has been actively involved in building a bridge between East and West in various sectors – education, investment, service industry and trade of consumer goods.
Thanks to her MBA studies in China, as well as Asian studies in Europe, she has gained a very good understanding of the differences and similarities between Asian and European culture and business.