Linearis Translations and Linearis IBC taking part in 16+1 Summit in Budapest

The 6th Meeting of Heads of Government of CEEC and China (the “16+1 Summit”) was held in Budapest, Hungary on 27 November 2017. 16+1 Summit and related side events provide an important platform for discussion and debate between high level politicians, diplomats and experts from the Central Eastern European Countries (CEEC) and China.

In order to promote the development of China-CEEC investment and trade and create a platform for cooperation and exchanges between enterprises, the Bank of China co-hosted China-CEEC SMEs Matchmaking Event as a Sub-Forum for the 7th China-CEEC Economic and Trade Forum during Summit. Since Linearis Translations and Linearis IBC are actively involved in enhancing the trade and business collaboration between the regions, both companies took part in the 16+1 Summit and the matchmaking event.

During the Matchmaking Event 183 on-site negotiations took place and 63 enterprises signed contracts on future cooperation. Among others, Linearis also signed an agreement with Shanxi Saro Trading Co. Ltd. on future cooperation. This was the first time a SMEs Cross-border matchmaking event was featured as a Sub-Forum during the Meeting of head of Government.

In addition to matchmaking event, it was also a chance for Latvian politicians to connect with entrepreneurs that work closely with China market and promote bilateral trade. Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis with the Minister for Transport Uldis Augulis spent an evening talking with entrepreneurs to gain better understanding their needs and concerns. Thanks to One Belt One Road initiative, we hope to see increased trade and investment flow between China and CEE region in the upcoming years.