14th PEEC International Trade and Investment Fair & 8th Forum on Chinese Enterprises Going Global Strategy

On 13 April, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade held an annual Belt and Road Initiative matchmaking as part of the 14th PEEC International Trade and Investment Fair, bringing together representatives from Belt & Road Initiative countries and different Tianjin businesses to promote trade and investment opportunities.

The representative of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) in China Ingus Rozenblats jointly with Linearis Translations representatives from Latvia – Andris Pētersons and Ēriks Bunclers, as well as Linearis Translations China Country Manager Lauma Ēdelmane, took part in the conference and the relevant matchmaking activities, establishing new contacts between Latvian and Chinese enterprises, as well as fostering intercultural friendship.

As the Belt & Road Initiative has become a pillar of China’s new global economic strategy, a key question for many Chinese enterprises is how to expand their international development and Go Global. There are many opportunities within the quickly growing markets of a number of countries along the Initiative. Therefore LIAA is working on promoting the business development by facilitating more Chinese investment, in parallel increasing the competitiveness of Latvian entrepreneurs in both domestic and foreign markets. The main priorities of LIAA are to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and promote further foreign investment into Latvia.