.          We at Linearis Translations are happy to share the experience we’ve accumulated over many years with a new generation of translators and editors, thus helping the world communicate and grow together.

           Linearis Translations started its cooperation with Mykolas Romeris University at the beginning of 2014. In March we welcomed the first wave of second-year translation study interns – 5 girls who were eager to learn and improve.

         This year we had seven new interns at our Lithuanian office – again from the second-year translation study programme. Their internship was one month long and the students worked mostly independently at home, simulating the experience of being a freelance translator, with two differences – the interns regularly visited our office to receive feedback and spent one working day here to experience a full-time day as an in-house translator.

         The aim of the internship was to provide students with a real-life working situation where they could work under supervision, analyse their mistakes with a professional translator and improve. We discussed the qualities of a professional translator – confidentiality, punctuality, knowledge of both source and target languages, etc. – and the practical aspects of a freelance translator’s job, as well as what we as a translation agency are looking for in prospective translators.

            The interns honed their information search skills and presented several Lithuanian language topics that are vital for a translator to know to us and each other.

       During their internship, each student translated and discussed over 30 pages of texts (mostly from English into Lithuanian) with Linearis Translations’ professionals regarding various fields ranging from legal translations to advertisements, including introductory speeches about specialized scientific texts. The latter helped them work on one particularly important trait for a translator – knowing your limits: what you are capable of translating and when you should stop and acknowledge that it’s not within your competence.

          It’s rare that everything goes perfectly at the first try. We’re still figuring out the most suitable number of interns that we can provide with quality feedback throughout the entire internship. We’re always glad to receive feedback from interns – this allows the next group that comes along to have an even better time!

          Right now, four third-year translation and editing students are starting their internship at Linearis Translations. We hope to provide them with valuable experience and, if everything goes well, create a business relationship for the future. We certainly hope that our cooperation with Mykolas Romeris University will be long-lasting and fruitful.

The Linearis Translations Team in Lithuania

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