Linearis Translations

In translation business since 2003, Linearis Translations has proved its ability to provide high quality translation services and to meet more than just the industry’s basic demands and desires. Over the years, Linearis Translations has accumulated knowledge, professionalism and experience that guarantee the quality of our orders and their delivery in due time in accordance with the acquired  ISO certificates.


LVS EN ISO 9001:2015 is the most popular quality management system which contains client satisfaction, process management, constant development and greater top management contribution. Strict adherence to the requirements of this quality standard has allowed Linearis Translations to become the leading translation service provider in the Baltic States.

LVS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Standard is the leading data and information security standard for companies across Europe. Data security and translation confidentiality have both paved the way to a successful cooperation with the largest state institutions, financial institutions and legal service providers.

LVS EN ISO 17100:2015 is a quality standard tailored specifically for translation service providers and it is issued to translation agencies that can adhere to the strict quality, specialist selection and work process management requirements. This standard ensures constant quality of the translation services.

Linearis Translations has offices in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and China, 

which helps to ensure the availability of translators and interpreters. By operating at local and international level, we are able to provide translations in all European and Asian language pairs.

Linearis Translations offers the widest selection of translation services.

We offer translation and interpreting services, localisation and transcription, text editing, layout design and notarial certification of translations.

Through a long-term cooperation with companies representing different industries 

Linearis Translations has gained unique experience in translating highly specific texts. Our translators specialise in specific industries, know their terminology, thus, they are able to transfer the technical as well as emotional nuances from the original texts to the translations. In accordance with the requirements of quality standards, prior the collaboration translators and interpreters must pass a qualification test. 

By signing a  cooperation agreement, we offer our clients personalised approach and tailored individualised cooperation model; however, for new clients we also offer the best solutions for each individual case.

In order to protect us and our clients from possible risks that may occur to clients’ documents in our workplace, Linearis Translations has signed an agreement on professional liability insurance. It is important to mention that throughout the whole validity period of the agreement we have not had the need to turn to the insurer to receive the payment of compensation.

We are very proud that the very first client of Linearis Translations still trusts us with its translations!